MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat with MTN GoodyBag April/May 2018

mtn free browsing cheat 2018

Enjoy unlimited free browsing this MTN April/May 2018 Cheat on your MTN Sim with MTN WhatsApp GoodyBag package. This is a working free browsing tweak on MTN NG on your Android smartphone. Learn how to power all your apps on your device using the mtn WhatsApp goody bag bundle, so you can enjoy weekly or monthly unlimited browsing with your MTN WhatsApp MB free.
So with this new Tweak you will be able to power all apps on your device using the MTN WhatsApp MB with XP Psiphon Handler to enjoy MTN May free browsing Cheat 2018.


  • MTN Sim
  • Active WhatsApp subscription [TEXT WAW TO 131 or TEXT WAM TO 131]
  • Good 3G/4G network coverage
  • XP psiphon App

How to MTN Unlimited Cheat with MTN GoodyBag 2018

1. Download XP psiphon apk Here

2. Next, Download XP psiphon file here >> Download MTN WhatsApp Tweak By Gad.xp

3. install and launch the Xp psiphon App

4. Click on the three dots at the right

5. Once it opens, click import configmtn whatsapp cheat 2018

6. Then locate where you downloaded it on your device

7. Tap on it, it will then be automatically imported

8. Provide the password for it

Note: password is Jackobian
Big letter “J” the rest small letters, just copy and paste it

9. After that click on connect, it will be connected in seconds.

You can now start surfing with your MTN Whatsapp mb unlimited this MTN May free browsing Cheat 2018. For more update about MTN Unlimited Weekly/Monthly Cheat with MTN GoodyBag April 2018, drop your name, email and questions in the comment box below

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