Cheapest MTN Tariff Plans, Prices and Migration Codes 2018

mtn tariff plans


Best MTN Tariff Plans and Migration Codes | How to migrate to MTN XtraPro, XtraSpecial, BetaTalk, TruTalk+, iPulse, Zone & SUPERSAVER PLUS

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MTN Tariff Plans and Migration Codes

This is the list of the best and cheapest MTN Call Tariff Plans with super call rates in 2018. These plans are best for people who don’t want to spend too much on phone calls. It’s offers and benefits are one of the best if compared to my previous article on other network listed right below:

1. MTN Beta Talk

Call Rates. 
You will be charged 45 Kobo for every second which add up to 27 Naira for each moment on reward account and 42 Kobo for each second which is 25.20 Naira for every moment on your fundamental data.
With 100 Naira recharge the reward that accompanies it, you get 13 minutes of MTN beta talk tariff.
On each recharge of 100 Naira or more inside 7 days, you get 10MB free data and 250% airtime recharge reward both substantial for 7 days.
For airtime recharge underneath 100 Naira, you get 150% airtime reward additionally substantial for 7 days.
The reward airtime can be used to call any network, for SMS and browsing.

MTN Beta Talk Migration Code

To migrate to MTN beta talk. Tariff plan, dial *123*2*1# or SMS BT to 131. Migration starting with one mtn tariff plan then onto the next is free aside from you are migrating before 30 days of past migration.

2. MTN Pulse

This is another extraordinary tariff plan from MTN network and I incline toward it to MTN beta talk in view of some advantage it accompanies. Have caught wind of MTN 25 Naira Midnight plan? you should be on mtn ipulse to enjoy the plan.
The following are the advantages, migration codes and call rate of mtn pulse.
Call Rates. 
You will be charged 22 Kobo for each second till the use of 11 Naira in a day from that point onward, the call rate drops to 11 kobo for every second. In straightforward term, you will be charge 22 K/S for the initial 50 seconds in a day prior till you begin getting a charge of 11 K/S of call rate.

MTN Pulse Benefits

This call plan doesn’t just come with a great call rate, it also come with bonuses and benefits.

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i.) Data Bonus.

Yeah, that’s correct. You are entitle to free 10MB when you recharge 100 Naira and it is valid for 24 hours. However, you won’t get another bonus until after 7 days.

Likewise, you get 20 MB for a recharge of 200 Naira. The same terms and conditions applies. I.e no bonus until after 7 days.

ii.) N500 Naira for 1GB Weekly Data Plan.

On other mtn tariff plans, you will get 750 MB for N500 Naira. But on mtn pulse,you get extra 250 MB. The plan is a weekly plan and is therefore valid for just 7 days.

Data roll over is allowed upon renewal. Dial *406*2# to activate and sms 2 to 131 to check data balance.

iii.) Happy Hour Free Mid-Night Plan (25 Naira for 500 MB Night Plan).

This offer is available for only mtn pulse subscribers. You get 500 MB for 25 Naira to browse between 12AM to 4AM.

One sim is eligible for one subscription in a night. You remember earlier when i said i have 4 of my 5 mtn sim on mtn pulse? It is because of this mtn pulse benefit.

With 4 mtn sims, i have 2GB to surf and download for just 100 Naira. Isn’t that amazing. Text Night to 131 to activate the plan. You can read more about it from the link above.

iv.) Unlimited Streaming on Music+.

For just 10 Naira per day on mtn pulse, you get access to unlimited music streaming.

Migration Codes.
Dial *406*1# or sms 406 to 131 to migrate to MTN pulse.

3. MTN XtraSpecial

This plan is exclusive to mtn postpaid customers. It allows you make both local and international calls at a flat rate of 15 kobo per seconds which is about 9 Naira per minutes. There is no hidden charges, just the 15 k/s.

MTN XtraSpecial Migration Code

Dial *408# to migrate to mtn xtraspecial.

4. MTN XtraPro

MTN XtraPro Tariff Plan and Their Benefits

MTN XtraPro is new and one of the cheapest MTN tariff plan that will allow you to make a call at 11k/sec(6.60k/Min) on a flat rate to all network with a daily access fee of N5.

But if in some cases MTN were not able to charge you N5 on your first call as a result of insufficient balance, then the call for that day will be charged at 20k/Sec(N12/Min) with an added benefit to getting health tips for 7 days.

How To Migrate To MTN XtraPro Tariff Plan

  • Simply dial *401# and select 1 migrate OR text 401 to 131
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How many minutes will I get with N100 airtime on MTN XtraPro call plan?

Let’s do the calculations:

> Daily Access Fee: N5.00 Naira (100 – 5 = N95.00 left)
>> N0.11kobo X 60 seconds = N6.6k
>> So, with N100 recharge card, you will get > N95/N6.6 ≅ 14 minutes 39 seconds


MTN Zone Tariff Plan and Their Benefits

MTN Zone is a cost-effective plan that offers MTN Prepaid customers up to 99% discount on all MTN-to-MTN calls!

MTN Zone allows you to enjoy a very cheap rate for making calls and charges you just as low as 1Kobo per second when making MTN-to-MTN local calls depending on the area and time of the day and location.

You also get to enjoy this exciting services on MTN Zone:

  • Discounted MTN-to-MTN calls for as low as 1k/sec.
  • Happy Hour
  • Start of Call Notification
  • Access to all MTN Value Added Services

This used to be my favourite before I switched to MTN iPulse plan mentioned above. I had to migrate out of Zone when I noticed “same and high call rates” in different locations.

However, this plan is still being used by lots of prepaid subscribers and should be on this list, no doubt!

How To Migrate TO MTN ZONE Tariff Plan

Simply dial *135*1#


MTN SuperSaver Plus Tariff Plan and Their Benefits

MTN SuperSaver Plus is a special MTN Nigeria tariff plan that allows you enjoy a FLAT rate of 15 kobo per second for calls ACROSS all local Networks after the first minute of MTN-to-MTN calls and MTN-to-Other networks call at 40 kobo per second respectively.

The MTN SuperSaver Plus tariff plan does not attract a daily or monthly subscription or access fee.

You also get to enjoy this exciting services on MTN SUPERSAVER

  • Super Roamer Free
  • Super Destination
  • Discounted News Service, valid for 7 days
  • End of Call Notification to inform you of your call duration, total call cost and balance.
  • FREE Happy Hour calls to MTN numbers from 00.30am to 04:30 every day (including weekends) as long as you have minimum balance of N100 in your account at 00:30

How To Migrate To MTN SUPERSAVER PLUS Tariff Plan

  • Simply dial *408*1# or text 408 to 131.

How many minutes do I get with N100 on MTN SuperSaver+?

Let’s do the calculations:

>> First 60 secs: N0.40kobo X 60 seconds = N24.00 Naira (100 – 24 = N76.00 left)
>> N0.15kobo X 60 seconds = N9 .00k
>> So, with N100 recharge card, you will get > N76/N9k + (60 secs) ≅ 9 minutes 4 seconds

Note: Migration to any MTN call tariff plan is free for the first migration of every month after which you would be charged ₦100 for any other migration.


MTN AWUF4U Airtime Bonus Plan & Migration Code

You will get 200% airtime bonus on every recharge below N100 and 300% airtime bonus on every recharge from N100 above when they recharge using a special USSD code or via VTU.

MTN AWUF4U Airtime Bonus Code

  • To double or triple your airtime bonus on MTN, Simply dial *888*PIN# or use the VTU services to recharge airtime instantly.

How many minutes do I get with N100 on MTN Awuf4U?

Let’s do the calculations:

>> If you recharge with N100, you will get N400 in your Awuf4U account i.e. N100 (recharge value) + N300 (bonus)
>> N0.45kobo X 60 seconds = N27k
>> So, with N100 recharge card, you will get > N400/N27 ≅ 15 minutes

9. MTN XtraValue Bundles


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MTN XtraValue and Their Benefits

MTN XtraValue Bundle plan provides a bundle that gives you a combination of huge airtime for voice calls and a staggering volume of Data to go with it. The XtraValue Bundles are available in two (2) major categories and at different price points from N300 to N20,000.

They are:

  • XtraTalk Bundles – Offers more airtime for Voice calls than Data volume
  • XtraData Bundles – Offers more volume of Data than airtime for voice calls

But since we are here for looking for the best and most affordable MTN call tariff MTN Data plans, then we are going to focus on the XtraTalk Bundles that offers airtime for voice calls.

Unfortunately… This tariff plan depletion rate on a high side. Charges per minutes for off-net and on-net calls are based on your prefered bundle (See table below for airtime depletion rate).

Call to international destinations are charged at N39.6/Min.

Things to take note of:

  • The offer is available to ALL Prepaid Customers
  • Prepaid Customers will be automatically migrated to XtraValue Plan after subscribing to any XtraValue Bundle plan.
  • You will be able to purchase multiple bundles while on the plan.

XtraTalk Bundles

Bundle Cost N300 N500 N1,000 N2,000 N5,000 N10,000 N15,000 N20,000
Airtime Value for Calls N975 N1,950 N3,875 N9,750 N24,500 N30,000 N50,000 N70,000
How to Subscribe Text V300 to 131 Text V500 to 131 Text V1000 to 131 Text V2000 to 131 Text V5000 to 131 Text V10000 to 131 Text V15000 to 131 Text V20000 to 131
Airtime Depletion Rate (N/Min) N24 N27 N27 N33 N33 N24 N24 N24

How to Migrate to XtraValue Bundle

To subscribe to a bundle plan,

  • Dial *131*2# and select the preferred bundle type.

How to Check XtraValue Balance

  • You will be able to check your XtraValue Bundle balance by dialling *556# or *559*61#.

How many minutes do I get with N300 XtraValue Bundle?

Let’s do the calculations:

> If you purchase N300 bundle, you will get N975 airtime Value for calls.
>> 60 seconds = N24
>> So, with N300 bundle, you will get > N975/N24 ≅ 41 minutes

NEED Help from MTN, Visit: How To Speak to MTN Customer Care Representative | MTN Customer Care Number in Nigeria

MTN Tariff Plan Codes

This table contains a summary of all MTN tariff plans and migration codes in Nigeria.

MTN Tariff Plans and Migration Codes (Summary)

MTN Xtra Pro *401# and select 1
MTN XtraSpecial *408# and select 1
MTN BetaTalk *123*2*6#
MTN TruTalk+ *123*20#
MTN iPULSE *406#
MTN ZONE *135*1#
MTN Supersaver Plus *408*1#
MTN XtraValue Bundle *131*2#


This is the list of cheap MTN call tariff plans with their benefits and unique features. After purchasing a new MTN Sim, there is need to migrate to any of these MTN tarrif plan to enjoy cool discounts of data and call rates.

If you think there are MTN Tarrif plans that weren’t listed above, feel free to comment section below

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  1. What about MTN BizPlus that you didn’t even mention? it’s the cheapest among others as it’s call rate at 11k/sec respectively without daily fee.

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