How to Transfer Files from PC to Android using Xender QR code

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Most people have been experiencing issues,  sharing files with PC and Smartphone without cable. Today, Xclusivetek will be explaining How To Share Files From PC And Phone Using Xender App 

How to connect xender to your laptop (PC)xender android pc

Below are the steps to connect xender to PC and share files from your PC to your phone or from your phone to your PC

1. Firstly, Your phone and PC must be connected to the Internet

2. Next, launch Xender app(Xender or Android or Xender for iPhone) and clickConnect to PC


3. Open This web Address on Your PC


4. Click on the Scan the QR code on your Mobile device, Now a Camera scanner will show up.


5. Now, use the camera to Scan the QR Code on your PC, it wont take 2 seconds to connect


You have successfully connected your xender to pc with QR code, Now you can now share files from Pc and Phone

How To Share Files From PC To Phone Using Xender 

Drag the file from your computer and place it on the webpage you opened, that  at the address bar. and then press enter.

How To Share Files From Phone to PC using Xender 
Mark the file you want to share and click on the Batch download at the top left side of the Xender app on PC

[​IMG]That’s basically how to connect xender mobile to PC and share file with PC and Smartphone. Thus method involves using Internet connection you may also like to read how to connect xender to pc without internet

Hope this helps? Ask any question if you are confused.

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