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Xclusivetek February Free Giveaway Contest 2018

Xclusivetek February Contest is the latest February Contest where you can win Airtime or cash for free. This month of February Contest 2018 is quite different from our previous Highest Commentator Free Giveaways for January.

This month of February, we will be giving free #4000 Cash Transfer or Airtime to one lucky winner this month February 2018. You should ve aware that February is only 28 days and in less than 28 days you can be the winner for our February 2018 Contest.


  1. You are required to use the same name and email when commenting.
  2. Read the post before commenting and comment based on the post topic
  3. Follow Xclusivetek either by Liking our Facebook page @Xclusivetek or Follow us on Twitter@ifeskilz_
  4. To be able to be the winner,  yiu must be at least one of the first five Commentator this month snd be sharing/liking our post on either Facebook or Twitter.

How do We Reward Winners on Xclusivetek

▶We will post out the winner and award them with either Airtime or cash.
▶Winner will be announced on 27th of February 2018

▶Our rewards will be Airtime/cash based
Winner is based on how active you comment and share/like our post on Facebook/Twitter. 

Don’t forget to tick Notify me of follow-up comments by email and Notify me of new posts by email when posting comments

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This Promo last till February 27,2018. So what are you waiting for, Start commenting on Xclusivetek, liking our post on facebook  & sharing to friends on Facebook and other Social Media to be the lucky winner.

Winner of february Giveaway


Winners should message us on Facebook on our Facebook page @Xclusivetek with his name, phone number and bank details. Kudos

We sincerely appreciate all those that were active like Hussaini, Ehis and Deniel. We promise next month Giveaways will be favorable to you all.

Feel free to ask any question below using the comment below If confused.

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  1. good one !you are trying and God bless you more

    but I feel it’s better to share the prize because it will encourage more people to comment and prevent spammy comments. just my opinion though.

  2. I know you’re competing for the price, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be corrected by a brother when he observes something wrong.

    I’m open to criticism as well, so no qualms.

  3. Apologies bro, it was just a friendly advice not a fight.

    You were once disqualified for exhibiting same behavior, so why not improve?

    Anyway carry on bro, it’s up to the admin.

    Now, let’s bury the hatchets.

      • I really don’t want to join issues with you, but I can’t ignore the nuisance you constitute everywhere. You don’t want to play fair

        Admin, you need to note that both “Hassan” and “husaini” is controlled by the same person. You can easily observe it if you go through their posts

        • Thank God our admin can use the facebook profile to verify me and hussaini,but admin I am sure both ehis and Murphy is been use by one person because I saw a post where the both of them talk to each other like around 1am,and 2ndlY I think ehis came up with this new account call Murphy so that her can emerge the winner by both of them discussing with each other daily and at night,pls admin I think you should look into that

        • Why don’t you report to the admin since before now, as you now say that i say both your account and that of murphy are been controlled by you, then you now tend to bring up yours, looking at the time interval of ehis and murphy it just 2min – 1min interval, he users murphy to ask Question and uses ehis to answer it, in other just to come top, please admin i huge you to verify all of us by any means of verification to see who is the lair.

  4. @admin

    Please you need to constantly go through the comments and delete childish comments (including my own). If left unchecked, comments will quickly swell up and become untidy due to many senseless comments.

  5. Maybe manual approval of comments can help sanitize comments here. There are too many repeated and unnecessary comments.

    The unfair behavior of one commenter can cause others to behave similarly because the former is not being cautioned.

  6. Rewarding people with this kind of behavior can potentially trigger a series of nasty behavior from other commentators, and that would ultimately negate the whole essence.

    • Rewarding a person like you will make you putting spammy comment so as to emerge the winner again and that will eventually change the mind of the new commenters to join ur spammy behavior

  7. Also of importance is the grammatical construction of statements, comments with multiple grammatical errors should be removed because it’s also making a mockery of contest.

  8. Congrats to the nominees, I will try again next month.

    Why is Daniel not among, the instructions above states that it for the top 5.

  9. Now I can see clearly that both accounts are been use by one person because when ehis stop commenting then Murphy came on commenting pretending he didn’t know what happen before.

  10. @admin

    This is highly unfair, you should go through the comments and see the kind of comments Hassan has been writing.

    Winner should not be based on number of comments but the quality of comments.

  11. @admin

    Honestly, you need to go through the comments first and remove unreasonable ones first.

    There are so many unreasonable comments on the site

  12. You know you don’t deserve it, you’re well known for claiming other peoples reward. You never play fair

    Clearly the admin has not gone through the comments of this month.

  13. Admin, you also need to note that both Hassan and Hussaini is controlled by the same person. He is well know on other sites as an impostor and spammer, which is why many have banned him from participating in their promos.

    He always uses both accounts everywhere he goes. That guy really doesn’t deserve this reward, honestly.

    You can check his records on other sites to see how fraudulent he is…also ask the admins on those sites about him.

    • Ehis, I understand you are upset you are not the winner. Next month Giveaways will be better and Hassan and Hussaini are related not the same person, they have various Facebook account and tske various photos.

      • Trust me bro, he is the same person using different pictures.

        On many occasions, he impersonates other winners and claim their price. He has been banned on multiple websites for his nasty behavior. He is very annoying.

        Please try and go through his posts and see if that is the kind of comments you want here.

  14. Thanks admin I have received the 4000 cash transfer,may God replenish ur pocket as you have decided to give out to other,thanks once again bro I highly appreciate.

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